Monday Photo Shoots

Are Mondays really always free for photographers? Yes. Every Monday. Completely free.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple: just follow schedule your session, (no more than two hour-long sessions on Mondays per photographer; if you schedule more than two, we will cancel the extras), do the photo shoot, and share 5 images with us for social media and website purposes. That’s it! You can come again, and again, and tell all your friends as well!

We’re so excited to see your work!

Disclaimer: You are not allowed to just come and shoot without scheduling first. The Hall at Safe Harbor is not responsible for any accidents or liabilities that happen during any scheduled photo shoot. The Hall at Safe Harbor reserves the right to cancel any booking without penalty or reason.

If you do not share images with The Hall at Safe Harbor you may be prohibited from using the space in the future for other photo shoots.