Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a site fee for The Hall?

We only charge a flat site fee for any bookings at The Hall, whether it’s a ceremony, reception, both, or neither. We do not offer any services beyond the site.

What else comes with The Hall?

When you book an event at The Hall, you get access to the outside yard area (perfect for yard games, firepits, or outdoor ceremonies and receptions), the meadow (for parking or setting up a tent) and the parking lot.

Do you charge for tables, chairs, and linens?

We do not! We have tables and chairs for up to 60 people, 4 cocktail high top tables, and linens for all of them, completely free of charge. 

Why is there a cleaning fee?

While we do expect our guests to clean up their personal belongings and tear down tables and chairs, we do not expect you to clean after your event. Usually, there is more that needs to be done than what our guests can do in their time slot, anyway. We like to ensure that The Hall always remains top notch! The cleaning fee is a simple, flat rate that we charge to every booking.

Can we bring any vendor?

We have a small, recommended list of vendors that is available upon request, but any vendor may be used, if you have a preference. We simply ask that all vendors hired for your event have their information sent to us beforehand.


What about alcohol?

You may do a BYOB or open bar, as long as no alcohol is purchased or sold onsite or at your event. Discretion is obviously encouraged with guests’ consumption

Are there any decorating restrictions?

 There are no restrictions as long as no damage is caused. Any holes, scratches, peeled paint, or broken items will be deducted from the deposit and additional charges may result as well.

How much parking is there?

Our parking lot has 37 spaces, which is just about right for events for up to 60 people. Additional parking, if needed, is available in the meadow.

Are there noise limits?

We do not allow music after 9:00pm over 60 dB.

Is there a bridal suite available?

There currently is no bridal suite that comes with the Hall. We recommend preparing elsewhere.


Are there limits on photography?

No limits. Drones are permitted. We do ask the photographer to give us full use of at least 5 photos for our marketing use.

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